Power Grid (Recharged Edition)

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Chris Fox

Power Grid (Recharged Edition)

Phil Campeau
Pretty much perfect

Power Grid is one of those games that's so good, it makes you want to sell off half your collection, because any time you're playing another game you'll be thinking about how you could be playing Power Grid instead.

The mechanisms are so smooth, everything just works. The game has a natural catchup mechanism where if you've built the most buildings, you're buying supplies and building last, which makes everything more expensive, but if you have fewer buildings to power, you're making less money each round. It's really clever, and I'm always gobsmacked at how elegant this game plays out.

shamus Hannah
Real excellent game

This is a great game! Resource management, market manipulation, economies of scale, area control... A mixed bag of awesomeness!

A bit deceiving at first glance, as game play is fairly straight-forward, but long term planning is totally required...

Watch a good video walkthrough as the rules in the box are a bit ambiguous in places.

Ian He
Great combination of mechanism

From bidding, resource managing, and area control well put into a single game. A great economic game that rewards good planning.

Kam Chan
Excellent mechanics

Supply demand, auctioning, resource management, map placement! Great game without dice rolling and luck. It makes winning very rewarding.

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