BoardGameBliss was founded in 2013.  We believe games bring happiness and joy to people and can bond people together.

We believe that games act as an excellent medium to bring joy to families, children, and friends - especially the new modern games.  The modern board games that we carry are very different from the traditional board games that we used to play.  We carry different types of games that fit different people and age groups.  We encourage you to give them a try and experience how good they are! 

It is our goal to bring different types of games from around the world to our store for you at a great price.

BoardGameBliss hopes that you will enjoy and be impressed by the games we carry.  We hope these games will bring happiness and laughter to you and your family.

Hope you enjoy the stay!  Also check out the Top Games menu for recommendations.  It includes

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We love to provide games recommendations as well!  If there are specific games you are looking for, please let us know too and we will help!

We also have tables and chairs set up in our retail store with games you can play. It's only $5 per person and if you make a purchase the same day the fee is discounted from your order. We would love to teach you some new games please come by!

Thank you so much for visiting our store!