Board Game Bliss is proud to offer used board games for sale. Details are below:

Used Game - On Consignment

  • In store we will have a short form to fill out.
  • We will shrink wrap the game for you to ensure it's condition does not change and put it on our used game shelves in our store.
  • There is a setup fee of $2 and it will cover the game to be put on our shelve for 3 months.
  • After 3 months we will contact the seller to let them know the game is not sold they can pickup the game within 1 month. The game will be continue to be on the shelf until seller pickup the game.
  • If the game is sold, we will wait 7 days for the buyer to return the game if the condition was listed incorrectly, or if there is a problem with the game.
  • If the buyer does not return the game, we will send you 80% of your asking price plus $2 setup fee in-store credit.
  • If the seller does not wish to pay for more time after the first 2 months, the seller will have 14 days to pick up the game back. Failure to do so the game will be forfeited.
  • Due to limited space, 5 games limit per customer.
  • We may refuse games at our discretion and will refuse all NSFW games


    If you are interested in selling one of your games through us, drop it off in person at the store. There (with our assistance) you will list the condition and your price.