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BoardGameBliss - In Store Used Games

Board Game Bliss is proud to now offer used board games for sale via consignment. If you are interested in selling one of your games through us, drop it off in person at the store. There (with our assistance) you will list the condition and your price.

  • You will need to fill out a form (We have copies in store for you as well)
  • We will shrink wrap the game for you to ensure it's in the same condition it was in and put it on our used game shelves in our store.
  • If the game sells, we will wait 3 days for the buyer to return the game if the condition was listed incorrectly. 
  • If the buyer does not return the game, we will send you 80% of your asking price in store credit.
  • If the game does not sell within 60 days we may ask you to pick up the game at our discretion.
  • There is a hard limit of 5 games per person allowed at any given time through our consignment service.
  • We may refuse games at our discretion and will refuse all NSFW games

Please note that used games will only be available in-store at 50 Milner Unit C, Scarborough, Ontario.