Delivery within Canada

  • Below table shows the details for the shipping rate.  Please note that applicable tax will be added to the rate.
 Province Flat Rate* Free Shipping Amount** Free Shipping Game Eligibility*
ON $8.95 $150 Yes
QC $8.95 $150 Yes
NS $8.95 $200 Yes
NB $8.95 $200 Yes
MB $8.95 $175 Yes
BC $8.95 $200 Yes
PE $14.95 $300 Yes
SK $8.95 $175 Yes
AB $8.95 $200 Yes
NL $14.95 $300 Yes
NT $19.95 - No
NU $19.95 - No
YU $19.95 - No
*There are some special places where shipping charge is not standard, we will work with the customer on those cases.
**Free Shipping amount only applies after any discount, before tax and shipping.
  • If you decided you want to just hold the items for now to save shipping, add this product to the shopping cart as well and we will know you don't want to ship yet.
  • Orders typically take 1 to 3 business days to be packaged and shipped.
  • Shipping is provided by Canada Post with tracking number.
  • Depending on the shipping address location in Canada, allow about 3-7 business days for delivery from the date your order is shipped.
  • Please note that Business days are defines as Monday through Friday except Holidays.
  • Additional shipping charge will apply, if order cannot fit into 1 large shipping box (about 26 x 13 x 14 inch).  We will contact the customer if such case occurs.
  • Additional shipping charges may apply, if the order item size is unusually large or in a remote location (For example, like the huge Designer Edition of Ogre or certain postal code )
  • It's our job to get the product to the customer in good condition that they paid for, we will make sure the product get to you in good condition or we will do an exchange, store credit or refund.

Local Pickup

  • Local Pickup is available for free.  
  • Pick up is available during store hours at the Scarborough store.

Shipping to United States

  • Free Shipping for order between $200 to $800 CAD
  • Otherwise, a shipping rate of $11.95 to $14.95 CAD for each shipment, within the Continental USA.  The rate for different states are listed here
  • Orders typically take 1 to 3 business days to be packaged and shipped.
  • Depending on the shipping address location in United State, allow 4-7 business days for delivery from the date your order is shipped.
  • Shipping is provided by UPS or USPS depending on the size of the order.
  • Please note that we will not be able to deliver to PO Box.  Sorry for that!
  • Please kindly note that Business days are defined as Monday through Friday except Holidays.
  • We are committed to our US customer that the price you pay on our website is final and there will be no extra tax and custom cost.  If you did charged by custom, please take a picture of the document and we will pay you back
  • Additional shipping charges may apply, if the order item size is unusually large orders.
  • It's our job to get the product to the customer in good condition that they paid for, we will make sure the product get to you in good condition or we will do an exchange, store credit or refund.

Shipping to other International Countries

  • Sorry we do not offer international shipping


  • Unless otherwise specified, all products that are listed "In Stock" are on our shelf.  It is new, available, and ready to be shipped.


  • Taxes are calculated based on the shipping address
  • Canadian taxes are calculated as follow
    • Ontario - Add 13% HST
    • New Brunswick - Add 13% HST
    • Newfoundland - Add 13% HST
    • Nova Scotia - Add 15% HST
    • Prince Edward Island - Add 14% HST
    • Quebec - Add 14.975% GST + QST
    • For Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan and Yukon: Add 5% GST only.
  • We do not charge taxes for U.S. Residents, but please be aware of potential duty and extra taxes charged by government.

Return/Refund Policy

  • Unless otherwise specified, products can be returned and refunded within 14 days of purchase with proof of purchase. Product must be in the same condition as it was sold.  Store credit will be issued between 14 - 30 days of purchase.
  • For orders that were shipped, return game can be send back to the store.  Customer is responsible to pay for the return fee and only the game will be refunded, not the shipping cost that was paid to ship.
  • We will replace or refund any mistakes done by BoardGameBliss without charges.
  • For other cases where the mistake is not made on our side, like customer changed your mind later on   Customer will be responsible for the shipping cost.
  • Any item being sold has been inspected for damage, therefore it is assumed to have been sold in good condition*. If damage is found please inform us immediately or we will not be able to compensate you. 
  • When returning games they must be in good condition and in shrink. If returning by mail therefore please pack very carefully. If a return does not arrive in good condition a partial refund may be granted at our discretion. 
  • Regarding in store sales we rely on customer to double check the condition of the item before purchasing to ensure it is not damaged. In store sales cannot be refunded if the product is damaged. 
  • Online sales can be refunded within 14 days of delivery for value of the game, or 30 days for store credit. Customers are responsible for paying return shipping fees for returns.
  • In store games can be returned within 14 days for the money back so long as the receipts are provided, and 30 days for store credit with proof of purchase. The games must also be in the original condition sold. Games that are sold unsealed (ie books, card sleeves) are final sale. 
  • Used Games can be returned within 3 days of purchase if they are in the same condition sold, or if there was an incorrect listing (ie missing pieces when the listing claimed otherwise).
  • We will not accept returns of opened product because they are missing pieces. Games missing components are a manufacturing error and as such the publisher is responsible for providing the replacements. We are happy to assist if you need help contacting the publisher.

Hold Games

  • Items that are not picked up can be refunded anytime.  In case the transactions is too old to be refunded Store Credit will be given.

Game Conditions

  • Games that are sold without shrink wrap are more likely that these games will have some very minor imperfections. Due to the nature of these products we cannot guarantee perfection. If there is damage it will be listed as such with a discount, but we cannot discount extremely minor scuffing etc. 
  • Good condition is defined by not having creases, squished corners significant scratches or significant shelf ware. We do not list games as “minor damage” for shrink wrap starting to peel off, or other incredibly minor imperfections.
  • Games sold unsealed (IE books, etc) are considered final sale

Game components damaged and missing parts

  • If any components inside the box are damaged or missing, customer will need to contact the publisher for replacement parts, as the publisher is responsible, and expected to resolve these issues.
  • If the publisher is not responding to the issue, our store will assist to make sure either the customer get the missing parts or if that's not possible, we will do a full refund.

Order Cancellations

  • Board Game Bliss reserves the right to cancel and fully refund orders for any reason, such as pricing errors or inventory mistakes. In these rare cases you will be informed of the situation. 

Holding Order

  • Hold order cannot be longer than 3 months. After that we will send a total of 3 warnings to ask if the customer like to ship or cancel. If we do not get a reply we will cancel and refund the order. If the transaction is too to be able to refund, a gift card will be issued instead.

Business Days

  • A Business Day is any day that is NOT a holiday or Saturday/Sunday

Pre-Order Items

  • Pre-order games are charged the time the order is placed.
  • Order with pre-order games will be put on hold until all games for the order is available.
  • When all games have arrived, the order will be shipped out automatically.
  • Pre-order are fulfilled with "first come first serve" manner.
  • If the games arrived with a lower selling price than the pre-order price, a gift card will be issued.
  • If the games arrived with a higher selling price than the pre-order price, your cost will not change.
  • If the games that have been pre-ordered cannot be fulfilled (such as the publisher cancels the product), a full refund will be issued.
  • Pre-Orders can be refunded at any time. Pre-Orders on transactions too old to be refunded will be refunded in store credit.