Shipping within Canada

Free Shipping for order over $150-200 based on location, or
with the purchase of selected games (read more)

Shipping to US

$11.95 CAD to $14.95 CAD based on states
or Free Shipping with conditions (Read More)


Q1: Can I apply more than 1 discount code on the same order?
A: No; only 1 discount code can be applied on a single order.  

Q2: Can I hold orders so that it will not ship yet?  I want to just buy what's available first and ship later.
A: To hold an order, add this product to your shopping cart along with everything else. With this item in the shopping cart, the system will not charge you for shipping, and we will not ship your order until later you create a new order without this item.  Once we see the last order with the shipping charge, we will send you all pending orders if there are no pre-order items.  Note that orders cannot be held for more than 3 months.

Q3: How do I ship the all the orders that I've put on hold?
A: There are 2 ways you can do this:

  1. If you have a new order, just select "SHIP- Ship all my games now!" during checkout, we will ship all pending orders to you.  Or if you don't have anything you want to add to the order you just want to pay for shipping, You can then checkout with this $0 item ->
  2. You can also buy one of the free shipping games ( as one of the order items and select "Free Shipping" during checkout, we will then ship the pending orders to you as well.

Q4: I've already made an order, now how do I merge a new one with the old?
A: To merge order, add this product to the shopping cart as well.  With this item in the shopping cart, the system will not charge you for shipping.

Please note that it is not guaranteed; we are not able to merge the order if the order is already in process.  Unless we asked you to do so, there will be a risk you need to take that the order may not get merged, and the outstanding order will either need to be refunded or shipped out separately (with the shipping fee being resolved separately).

Q5: If my hold orders (not including pre-orders) are over the free shipping amount, how can I request to ship them?
A: Send us an email at we will confirm and send it out for you.

Please note that if the pre-orders are being sent separately then the shipping for them will also need to be resolved separately.

Q6: How can I just pay for shipping?

A: You can create a new order and checkout with this $0 item ->  Remember to select "SHIP- Ship all my games now!" during checkout, the system will then only charge you the shipping charge.

Q7.  How bad are Minor Damage and Box Damage games?

For games that are classified as Minor damage, the box is damaged but not damaged to the point it's broken.  Usually the corner is pushed or the box got pushed in.  There will be no damage to the components. The game will be playable.

For games that are classified as Box damage, the box is broken, may have a hole in the box as well. There will be no damage to the components.  The game will be playable.