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Light Addictive Fun

Add the Korean Wave expansion and Wok and Roll is a light, addictive roll & write that will quickly pass the time. A definite must for roll & write fans who appreciate the satisfaction of combos to get more stuff.

Complicated game

This game is a one time event. Once you solve it, you know the answers. It takes a long time and the clues are not related to the murder. It was very disappointing and a waste of money. We bought it for a party but it is not suitable at all.

Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy

Good game. Not as captivating as some so I couldn't give it 5 stars. I played it once and don't know if I'll play it again.

Final Girl - Season 1: Carnage at the Carnival

Two thumbs up, for sure

All in all, our group really liked MD2:Hellscape. Each of the six classes have sufficiently different play mechanisms, yet are surprisingly balanced. We watched a few playthroughs online to get the rules down right. We found it kind of like a cross between Zombicide and Cthulu:Death May Die, with the good aspects of each. No regrets at all about the purchase.

Spicy Dice
Coralea Corbett

Spicy Dice

Wish it could fit deck boxes

Quality is great on this product. I guess i was hoping for a bit more, mainly being able to hold gamegenic card cases comfortably with the divider rather than bulk cards. Just something to keep in mind if you are buying hoping for a place to store your decks in cases

Genius in a box

Such a simple yet amazingly entertaining game. If you play with players who go along of course!

Cockroach Poker
Ian O'Neill
So you think you can bluff eh?

Get a group of people together (2-6), deal out the deck, play cards either telling the truth of what they are or bluffing about what they are trying to fool another player. Every card is a gamble and the last thing you want is four of a kind face up in front of you! Great game. I picked it as one of 5 games to restart your collection in the latest episode of For All The Meeples:

Folded Space - Paladins of the West Kingdom

Deal with the Devil
Stephane Julien

Deal with the Devil

Easy fun

The group I played this with had a lot of fun with it, easy to teach and quick to play. People were laughing at the thought of how crazy it could get before even starting

David Bertenshaw


Ecos: New Horizon
Marie-Hélène Longtin

Ecos: New Horizon

Royal Gaurd

Fantastic detail and more fun to play on the table, can't wait to paint them.

Hadrian's Wall
Marie-Catherine Boulanger

Très satisfaite de mon achat! Hadrian's Wall est un excellent jeu que je recommande fortement!

Pokemon Order

Order this box, a three pack blister and a board game. Price on the website was really cheap but everything was legit and came really quickly! Definitely would recommend this website. Happy I found this site!

Wingspan (New Edition)

La Famiglia: The Great Mafia War

Elevates the game

This game was good before, but my kids and I found the seeking round a little boring. This expansion gives you things to do during that seeking round and adds more strategy, and playable tribes.

I wouldn’t play without this expansion, it completes the game.

Great Solo game

Very nice and challenging game to play. Some times you just cant think of all the moves needed to complete the mission. Just think of two moves at a time and you will do good.

The big box is a must!

If you have a big collection for The Red Dragon Inn then the big box (expansion 5) is a must have.

Marvel Splendor
Johan Kim
Great family stregedy game

It is great easy stregedy game ever.

Great campaign!

These heros are great!
And the villians are very challenging, so a lot of fun and so much flavour from the comics.