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Hoplomachus: Victorum
Vincent Fiset

Hoplomachus: Victorum

Tiny, but mighty

All the pleasure of the big brother in a tiny box. The setup is quick, the characters double sided cards is clever. You can carry it anywhere. It’s Gloomhaven on the go.

North Africa '41
Kurt Gellein
North Africa ‘41

Awesome game and at a great price, Keep up the good work BGB!

Jessica Christenson


Wonderful art craft for children. My daughter loved it.

Tokaido Duo
Michel Laflamme

Tokaido Duo

Vinhos Deluxe Edition (Standard Edition)

5 Towers
Alex P
Great little game

Nice light game with enough depth if you really want it.

Stephanie Morris


Star Realms: Frontiers
Casey Charles

Excellent game, speedy delivery.

Groo: The Game
David Mauros

I love Groo! can't go wrong with the game

One of my favourites

Do people need to explain why ice cream and hugs are so great? ROVE is the same. One of the Top games of all time

Patrice Tremblay

An excellent
First of all, congratulations for this magnificent game which is very addictive, a very beautiful creation
The material is of excellent quality and the design is just WoW
I highly recommend these games

Great little version of gloomhaven!

I love Gloomhaven, but can't get a group together and solo it's too fiddly to be worth getting out. This version is set up played 1 round and back in box in less than an hour. It scratches that itch just right too.

De la poudre au yeux

Je me suis fait avoir par le hype. Pas certain que c'est mon type de jeux.
Ce que je peu en dire pour l’instant repose plus sur les composantes que l mécanique.
Le point faible des composante sont les cartes. Je comprend que le jeux est pas couteux mais quand meme, les cartes aurai mérite un grade supérieur. Elle sont courber et les jetons sont telement leger que ca cause probleme.

Sinon pour ce qui est de boardgamebliss. A1 comme d’habitude

Love these Metal Dice

I like the weight and roll I get from these dice. I used them mostly for counters with my Lorcana games.

Discordia: Magna

adds a nice little expansion without overwhelming the game.

Mythwind (standard edition) is amazing

I received my copy promptly from Board Game Bliss and have been playing ever since! I love the story, the variety of game play and of course the ability to stick and go quickly with all the characters, town boards and components. Because I have enjoyed it so much I have already gotten in on the Kickstarter for new the new content and premium components. Right now I am working through the characters and still have so much content to explore. The thing I like best is it is I can play it solo and not feel like I am missing out or having to manage a complex automa. I have not played it with anyone yet because I want to experience it all for myself first!

Relaxing Game

This game is a very relaxing game with a fair amount of variablility.

Professor Butterfield

Genius designer makes an awesome easy playing game with enough depth to keep it interesting. Perfect entry level Bulge game

I really like this feature!

BGB's "hold" feature is fantastic for holding a few games to ship all at once at a later date. One of their best features that I use on a consistent basis.

Dune Imperium - Uprising

Great game! I played the original, and this one's better, though it does require deconflicting with the expansions.

Very fun

Small fun and a good Gloomhaven single experience.

Great casual fun!

After seeing this game on TikTok, I bought it to give it a try! It has quickly become my husband and my favorite game to play together. It’s very much a co-op game (in the 2 player variant) and honestly plays like you’re having a chat over coffee. It’s so much fun, easy to pick up and not down. I imagine it will be a great “round the campfire” game this summer as well!