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Sick & Twisted Charades

In Stock

$29.95 CAD

Designer Forrest-Pruzan Creative
Publisher Wonder Forge
Players 4-99
Suggested Age 18 and up

Charade what!? Split into teams and face off in a raucous game of charades! Guess the saucy, suggestive, and downright obscene clues in order to score. Or stick it to your rivals with challenging twists to make them suffer. Be sure to peg your opponents with the foam ball when their time is up, or they’ll never stop! This rude, rowdy party game will get your mind in the gutter and your friends rolling on the floor!

Contests: 500 Doubles-Sided Cards, 24 Twist Tiles, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Ball, Instructions.

How To Play:

1) Separate into two teams. If you have an odd number of players, make the teams as even as possible.

2) The cards have a green side and a pink side. Select which color will be used for the entire game.

3) Shuffle the Twist Tiles and create a face-down draw pile. Each team draws one tile.

4) Select which team will guess first and which player from that team will act first (the Actor).

5) Start the timer!

6) The Actor draws a card adn acts out the word or phrase.
Acting Rules:
You cannot say words or make any sounds with your mouth.
You cannot mouth any words or write any letters in the air.

7 The Actor's team shouts out guesses. When a teammate guesses the card, the Actor draws another card and keeps going.

8) At the end of the turn, collect the cards that were correctly guessed and put them in a score pile for the team. Any cards that were not guessed are removed from the game.

9) Now it's the other team's turn. Continue taking turns, alternating teams, and selecting a different actor each time.

Twist Tiles: Mess With Your Opponents

Correctly guess cards with a Twist icon to earn tiles that will sabotage the other team or give your team an advantage.

1) At the start of a turn, the team that's not guessing may choose to play ONE of their Twist Tiles. Then the guessing team may choose to play ONE of their Twist Tiles.

2) Read each played tile out loud and follow the rule written on it for the entire turn. (Rules affecting the Actor may be suspended in order to draw and read cards, but must be followed when acting out the card.)

PASS ONE CARD: These Twist Tiles do not need to be played at the start of the turn. If the guessing team has one of these tiles, they may play it at any time in order to skip a card.

3) At the end of the turn, the guessing team draws one Twist Tile for each correctly guessed card with a Twist icon on it.

4) Review all of the Twist Tiles earned that turn. Select ONE to keep and discard the rest.

5) Create a discard pile of any played or discarded Twist Tiles. If the draw pile runs out, shuffle the discard pile.

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of Twist Tiles a team can have.

THE BALL: The Timer Doesn't End The Turn - You Do!
When the timer runs out, any member of the throwing team (the team that is not guessing) may throw the ball at the Actor.

- If the actor dodges the ball, they may continue acting out clues and scoring. The throwing team has to keep taking shots!

- If the Actor is hit with the ball, the turn ends.

- If the Actor catches the ball, the turn ends, but the guessing team draws an additional Twist Tile before selecting one to keep.


- Not in the face!
- Inf the ball misses, a member of the throwing team must retrieve the ball and return to their original seat before throwing it again.

Note: The guessing team may warn the Actor when the timer is getting low, but they cannot interfere with throwing.

WINNERS!: After all players have had a chance to act, count up the cards in each team's score pile. Whichever team has the most cards is the winner!

Note: If one team is larger, one member of the smaller team will be the Actor again, so both teams take the same number of turns. Want a longer game? Have everyone be the Actor two or three times before counting your score.

DELINQUENTS: At some point, someone is going to screw up. Here's what to do...

- If an acting rule or Twist Tile rule is broken, the card being acted is removed from the game and the guessing team cannot score it. The Actor draws another card and continues their turn.

- If a throwing rule is broken, the throw does not count. The throwing team must throw again.

- If the guessing team intercepts the ball or interferes with a throw, the turn immediately ends.

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