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Schollen Rollen

$21.95 CAD

$21.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Designer Reiner Knizia
Publisher AMIGO
Players 2-6
20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Note: This game is in German. The game itself is language independent. English rules can be found here.

Description from the publisher:

In Schollen Rollen (Roll for Soles), players take turns rolling dice to capture different colored fish from a central pool in their net, with yellow fish being worth 1 point and red fish 5.

On a turn, the player rolls the dice, then may collect a fish for each die rolled. Special effects on the die faces may augment what happens, with the player possibly doubling (or quadrupling or even octupling!) how many fish they collect, perhaps stealing fish from an opponent's net, or locking the dice from being re-rolled. After each roll, the player may choose to end their turn and keep their catch, or re-roll the available dice in an attempt to catch more. However, if you roll and don't catch anything, all the fish escape your net and your turn ends.

Once all the fish have been caught, the game ends and whoever has the most points wins!

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