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Ninja All-Stars: Clan Tanchyo

In Stock

$32.95 CAD

Designer John Cadice
David Freeman
Deke Stella
Publisher Soda Pop Miniatures
Players 2-4
Suggested Age 13 and up

Description from the publisher:

Clan Tanchyo' is a clan expansion for Ninja All-Stars which contains enough miniatures to build a complete Tanchyo-themed team. Clan boxes feature dynamic and unique sculpts for players’ favorite teams. They also introduce two powerful new troop types to players’ existing collections: large-sized Oni and a fearsome clan Hero.

Clan Tanchyo are the agile, almost ethereal warriors of the great forests of Kagejima. Masters of air, Clan Tanchyo favor bows and arrows to launch powerful, precise ranged attacks that rain down on all who stand in their way. This air affinity clan is an alluring option for archers who employ the bow with artistry, powerful avian warriors, and the clamor and calm that only the wind can bring.

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