Illusion (English Edition)

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James Carruthers
Neat little game

While you'd think this game would get easier after a while, it really doesn't. A solid little diversion.

Brandon Nelson
Easy, fun game

It's very easy to understand how to play and quite difficult to accurately judge the different cards. It plays fast and is very easy to teach to others. Highly portable, it's a fun game to play anywhere

Gregory Sawtell
Play anywhere with anyone

This is a highly adaptable game that can be played anywhere. Recently played during a day trip in a restaurant with a group that had rarely if ever played hobby games and it was an instant hit. The game concept is simple - judge the relative measure of color content in a sequence of cards. Simple premise but is made tricky by the design of the cards - thus the title of the game. It's not an incredibly deep game and certainly functions as a quick filler but it's novelty doesn't wear thin and can be returned to. Worth a look.

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