Friedrich (Anniversary Edition)

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Absolutely Brilliant

- The rules are short and easy to understand (5mins for me to explain them).
- The board and pieces are beautiful.
- The game is fast-paced and does not lag.
- The action is tense.
- A moment of inattention can erase an hour of planning. (Which is hilarious to watch if it's not you)

Players take control of objectives on the board and battle using suits corresponding to the grid overlay on the map. Each battle is tense as you try to bluff each other into retreating. 3 vs. 1 sounds rough but its challenging and it never feels hopeless.

There are also event cards that can remove players from the game. Some people don't like the randomness but it sets a time constraint on the attackers to gain their objectives quickly and it is the the only real advantage the lone defender has; all they have to do is survive.

This is my go-to strategy game.

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