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Flip Flash

$15.95 CAD

$15.95 CAD

Designer Naomi Tripi
Players 1-4
Playtime 5 mins
Suggested Age 5 and up

Each player gets their own deck, and builds a down pile. Then they deal out four cards face-up next to it. As soon as everyone is ready, someone shouts "GO!" and all the players simultaneously begin starting number piles in the center of the table, and playing on each others number piles.

The number piles are not removed from the table for the duration of the round, and continue to grow and change very rapidly throughout the game. Players can play a card higher, or lower than whatever number is showing on the top of any given pile, but they do need to be sure to match the color of the pile. Also, players can place a wild card on any pile and announce a number, and a color, and then play a card higher or lower than the number they called, in the new color on that pile.

The speed and excitement build until someone who has played all of their down pile shouts "Flip Flash!" and everyone must stop. Next, the players gather and sort all of the cards that have been played in the center of the table and sort them, so that each player can count up how many cards they played. The score is figured by taking the number of cards that were played, and subtracting double the number of cards that were still in each players down pile.

The ability to play up or down on the number piles, and the wild card twist, speed up the game by making sure that you rarely stay stuck for long! The number piles are never capped off, or removed from play during a round, and players flip through their hand-deck one card at a time. The three suits keeps things interesting, but limits confusion as well.

Flip Flash is different than Nay-Jay! in the number and design of the cards, and a rule change. Flip Flash includes 4 decks of 60 cards each.

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