Attack on Titan: Deck-Building Game

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Peter Huynh
Great game

My first Cryptozoic game, but this appears to be completely compatible with their other deck building games, so in theory you could mix this set up with the DC deck building game or the street fighter one.
Also dont know much about the anime but there doesn't really seem to be any thing that would require any knowledge of AoT.

I played with 3 other buddies and despite one not enjoying it, the rest of us had a fun time going through the playbook manual and contradicting each others move as this is a few step up from the usual games we play.
I would recommenced it for new comers, but it isnt that hard once you get through your first play through or so.

game objective is to slay 4 arch titans but to do that you'll definitely need to gather some gear with the game's resource (power) and build your deck with stronger cards, while also trying to thin out your deck of weaker cards.

defeating titans may not be a option in one round (game is played in several) so sometimes letting a enemy destroy a wall so that you/ your team can try to tackle him again is pretty intense and fun.

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