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Android Netrunner: LCG System Breach Playmat

$31.44 CAD

$31.44 CAD

There is a new world coming. A world built on data.

Step into a new world and explore the Network with the System Breach Two-Player Playmat forAndroid: Netrunner.

With zones demarcated by red and blue trim drawn from the game’s card backs, this stylish two-player playmat clearly aligns you with your player role, positioning your HQ, R&D, stack, and rig atop a lavish backdrop of a futuristic skyscape from the Androidsetting. Play as the Corp to advance your agendas and build a better world. Or play as the Runner, and tear down every last Corporate lie. Either way, the System BreachTwo-Player Playmat offers you a stunning new way to host and protect your cards.

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