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Yomi: Valerie Deck

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$12.95 CAD

Valerie is a rushdown character. Her Three Colors special attack (Jack) is a three-hit series of paint brush slashes, each with a different color, known as a rekka series in fighting games. Her innate ability lets her play normal attacks in any order, which helps her power up for Aces, and her Aces draw a card on hit which lets her keep the pressure up. Yomi is a fighting game in card form where physical dexterity is replaced by hand management skills. Just like in a fighting game, you have to know your character, know the matchup, and know your opponent. Each character has a deck that follows the same conventions as a deck of playing cards. This makes it easy to learn the contents of your deck: numbered cards are normal moves, face cards are special moves, and aces are super moves. 1-4 players Ages 10+ 30 minute play time

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