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Verflixxt kompakt

$15.95 CAD

$15.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Designer Michael Kiesling
Wolfgang Kramer
Publisher Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH
Players 2-6
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Family Verflixxt!

Note: This game is in German, but the game itself is language independent.  English rules can be found here

Verflixxt kompakt
 is the little brother of Verflixxt. The game pieces are smaller and there are only 26 instead of 32 path tiles (5 Minus cards and 1 good luck tile fewer). It only plays up to four players, and each player only has two pawns if playing 3- or 4-player.

The game plays much like Verflixxt, with a few minor differences.

Verflixxt kompakt includes a new variant you can also incorporate when playing Verflixxt. The new extra piece is called the Wurminator and is a big worm that can change the number of negative tiles players have when it lands on their pawns.VerflixxtVerflixxtX

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