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The Lamps Are Going Out

$76.95 CAD

$76.95 CAD

Kirk Uhlmann
Compass Games
Players 2-4
Playtime 180-240 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

The Lamps Are Going Out is a fast-paced game of strategic decision making in the First World War for two to four players.

There are two Alliances – Central Powers and Triple Entente – each divided into two Factions. The Central Powers player controls the Germany and Central Allies (Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria) Factions while the Triple Entente player has the Western Allies (Great Britain, Belgium, France and Italy) and Eastern Allies/US (Russia, Serbia, Romania and United States) Factions.

A game turn consists of:
Event Card Phase
Movement Phase (up to two units may be moved)
Combat Phase (cards are played to support combat)
Production Phase (players spend production points to rally armies, invest in new technology, or lend points to other players)

Players must make critical decisions each turn as to how to spend their scarce resources. Production Points are required to Refit spent units, build new units, construct trenches, conduct research, etc. The combat system is very simple, but yields tremendous excitement and that “just one more attack should do it” feeling. Event cards allow for all sorts of historical situations, conditions, leaders, political events and so on. Everything that would be important in a WWI simulation is considered in this game.

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