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Sven Steinbach
Delightfully strategic!

Terra Mystica mixes long-term strategic planning and tense tactical decision making in a highly satisfying way.
There is definitely a significant mechanical puzzle element to the game, which regularly straddles the “busywork” line. That’s something I am generally not too fond of. However, all your micro level decisions are informed by the fact that you’re engaged in a super tight, highly competitive struggle for key hexes on the map as well as for cult track positioning. The game mechanics and even more so your opponents’ actions pull you in a number of different directions —- figuring out the best course of action is immensely rewarding.

The asymmetry between the factions feels just right. Everyone is definitely playing the same game but will pursue vastly different paths to victory.

Overall, I am a big fan of Terra Mystica despite its mechanical complexity and spreadsheet optimization. The battle for map control and cult spaces makes all the difference and wraps the entire game into a tight and highly engaging package. A remarkable game!

Frederic Grondin
Fantastic euro game

Just a fantastic and complex game, the learning curve can be pretty steep but in the perfect information genre this is a very rewarding game with endless replayability. The game mechanisms are clever and the factions offer varied gameplay. Works bets if you have someone to teach you the game for your first game.

Jeremy Daniels
Nothing beats the original

I still love this game more than Gaia Project. I love the theme and simply gameplay.

David Supina
The Greatest Game Ever Made

This is an instant classic, and one of the most exhilarating Euros ever designed. Tremendous amounts of fun. Incredible amount of variety and strategy.

Kynan Philippe
great strategic game

This is one of my favorite games. Very strategic choices and almost no luck.

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