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Jason Fournier
A brain melting classic!

Crunchy, chewy, brain melting....whatever you call games that give your brain a workout, this is one of the best. 'Do a thing to uncover a thing to get more things' is what this is about and it does it so well.

The game has very little randomness so it's a very deep strategic game that will keep you engaged play after play. Each of the factions has a different approach so you'll have unique experience every time.

The solo mode is brilliant and most importantly very easy to run so you spend more time focusing on your engine.

HIGHLY recommended!

Sven Steinbach
Another success in the Terra Mystica line!

Compared to its predecessor, Gaia Project shifts the game’s focus away from the map and towards the newly introduced tech tree/track/space cults?.
The harsh competition permeating Terra Mystica’s map and cult tracks feels significantly less pronounced here. Instead, the mechanical puzzle plays an even bigger role but it has also been made more interesting by some clever additions, such as the more involved power management system.
Gaia Project still shares so much of Terra Mystica’s DNA that I do enjoy it quite a bit. However, I am a little sad that my favorite aspects of the original game have somewhat fallen by the wayside here.

Jocelyn Robitaille
Superb balance of strategy AND tactics

This game is one of the greats. You need to have an overarching plan, but also to be mindful of the tactical opportunities. On top of this, the solo mode is super elegant and easy to handle, letting you focus on your own game.

Frank Cecrle
Great, deep, replayable.

GP's tech tracks are such a big improvement over Terra Mystica's cult tracks. Great big strategic, open info/zero luck game. Deep & thinky, and the variety of of factions make this super interesting, satisfying, and replayable.

Oh wow

It burnt my brain but it was soo good!

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