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Summoner Wars: Piclo's Magic Reinforcement Pack

In Stock

$12.74 CAD

Designer Colby Dauch
Publisher Plaid Hat Games
Players 2-4
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 9 and up
Family Summoner Wars


This reinforcement pack is the perfect addition to your Summoner Wars Master Set, allowing you to bring new troops to the War for Itharia, and experience the excitement of deck construction.

Piclo's Magic Includes:

Deep Dwarves
•1 Piclo - Champion
•1 Deep Troll - Champion
•1 Gren - Champion
•5 Battle Mages - Common
•5 Crossbowmen - Common

•1 Kalu - Champion
•1 Talu - Champion
•1 Gwalark - Champion
•5 Parasites - Common
•5 Mind Witches - Common

•1 Rygos - Champion
•5 Demon Hands - Common

The circling crows cry out as more warriors join the war. Choose your weapons and prepare for glory!

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