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Poseidon's Kingdom (Second Edition)

In Stock

$129.95 CAD

Designer Gordon Lamont
Fraser Lamont
Publisher Game Salute
Players 2-4
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

Poseidon has lost his treasured trident, and your friends have disappeared while trying to find it. It turns out they have been captured by evil Hans the Kraken. Suckers! The Kraken plans to make a nice stew out of them. Can you prise open his tentacles, release your friends, and defeat him? Hope so. Oh, it's probably not a good time to mention the shark...

Poseidon's Kingdom is Fragor Games' 2011 limited edition Essen release. It features a wave which crashes dice onto the board, the engaging game play of the highly-praised anthill system (from Antics!) and, most importantly, the fantastic creature models which made Fragor's name in 2005.

The game was strictly limited to 1,000 copies. Due to production margin 967 were actually produced.

2 - 4 players basically do the following on their turn (leaving the background story out here):

First you decide, whether to improve your abilities by taking an "action tile" or put some of your personal dice onto the big 3D-wave, which is rolled over, when full, distributing up to 15 dice in a couple of seconds randomly all over the board.

Second you move one of your two creatures on the main board trying to land on a spot where you can pick up dice of any colour you need. If so, you can either store them on special spaces of your action tiles for later use OR use them by putting together a special combination of 2, 3 or 4 dice required to get victory point tokens and put the dice back to the pools where they came from.

Third, the shark moves as many spaces as the space the creature landed on indicates. If the shark meets one or more creatures on its way, they are eaten and players get "skeletons" to block one of their action spaces ...

After a special scoring round in the end the player who collected the most victory points, wins.

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