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Ogre Pocket Edition

$3.95 CAD

$3.95 CAD

Designer Steve Jackson
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Players 1-3
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
Accessories Ogre Dice Set - Red/Blue
Expansions Ogre 6th Edition ACD Promo Sheet

This edition was created in response to popular demand during the 2012 Kickstarter project. A lot of people missed the version of the game that you could, literally, carry in your pocket. We decided to go all the way back to the first edition of Ogre and keep the game experience the same, with slightly updated rules and slightly better components. The suggested retail price, when this edition goes on general sale in 2014, will be the same $2.95 that the first edition cost in 1977.
From the rules pdf.

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