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Ogre - Designer's Edition

$159.95 CAD

$159.95 CAD

Designer Steve Jackson
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Players 1-3
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
Accessories Ogre Dice Set - Red/Blue
Expansions Ogre 6th Edition ACD Promo Sheet

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Please do not combine other order items with the order, "1 Order, 1 Ogre"

Here is a link to an unboxing video by The Dice Tower

 and its sequel G.E.V., are tactical ground combat games set in the not-so-distant future. In 2085 A.D., armored warfare continues - faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks and infantry slug it out with tactical nuclear devices. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's a giant cybernetic tank called the OGRE.

The basic OGRE game gives one player a force of infantry and armor, and a command post he must defend. The other player has only one unit - but it's an OGRE. It's an even match. Advanced games allow solitaire or multi-player action, with OGREs on both sides.

Microgame #1 in the Metagaming Microgames series, and the original release of Ogre. Origin of the Ogre/GEV Family.

Later publication by Steve Jackson Games is title Ogre/G.E.V. includes the sequel game, G.E.V., which adds new rules and unit types for greater tactical gameplay.

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