Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 (Z-man Edition)

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Matt Beckstrom
Great Game!

This is an addictively fun post-apocalyptic battle for 2-4 players.

It is a somewhat abstract “Chess-like”, hex-tile laying game with a “knife-fight in a phone booth” , battle for Area control, to destroy your opponents homebase or at least win on points.
Gameplay is fast, pretty intuitive, and only 30-60mins depending on player counts.

There is alot of tactical choices and deeper strategic options the more you play it. There is tons of unique army expansions to clash together to keep it fresh and different also.
Some are easy to play, others have various strengths, weaknesses and special abilities!

Plus this Z-Man version adds a bonus army (4+1), Doomsday Machine.

The iOS game App is even faster and better in some ways an perfect for on the go, playing others online worldwide! So if you are intrigued, start with downloading the iOS game on the App store, “Neuroshima HEX 3.0” , as it is the oerfect 15mins to play on the way to work, or killing some time etc. :)

Check it out!

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