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Marvel United: X-Men Uncanny Bundle

$349.95 CAD
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  • 1x Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Pyro, Blob, and Toad Villains) KSE
  • 1x Storm (Mohawk) hero
  • 1x Old Man Logan hero
  • 1x First Class Expansion KSE
  • 1x The Horseman of the Apocalypse Expansion KSE
  • 1x Gold Team Expansion (with Forge hero KSE)
  • 1x Blue Team Expansion (with Banshee hero KSE)
  • 1x Phoenix Five Expansion KSE
  • 1x Deadpool Expansion (with Lady Deadpool her KSE)
  • 1x Days of Future Past Expansion KSE
  • 1x Fantastic Four Expansion KSE (with Super Skrull villain KSE)