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Last Night on Earth: Hero Pack 1

$20.95 CAD

$20.95 CAD

DesignerJason C. Hill
PublisherFlying Frog Productions
Playtime90 mins
Suggested Age12 and up
ExpandsLast Night on Earth: The Zombie Game

The Hero Pack One Expansion for Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game introduces four exciting new Heroes, Stacy the Investigative Reporter, Mr. Goddard the Chemistry Teacher, Jade the High School Outcast, and Victor the Escaped Prisoner. Each character has a highly detailed plastic miniature and Character Sheet. Also included are new game cards and a challenging new Scenario called "Hunt for Survivors".

This product requires the Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game board game to play.


  • 4 Heros
    • Jade, High School Outcast
    • Mr. Goddard, Chemistry Teacher
    • Stacy, Investigative Reporter
    • Victor, Escaped Prisoner
  • 1 Scenario, Hunt For Survivors
  • 10 Cards
    • 5 Hero Cards
    • 5 Zombie Cards

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