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David Gillingham
Beautiful game...

It arrived in about a week, solid "checkers", perfect for outdoor play.

Neil Nicholson
Very good


Dylan Kerfoot
Brilliant Abstract

A quick playing chess-killer with beautiful components. Chess is great if you can dedicate your life to it, but with Hive you can enjoy a chess-like experience that is a lot more fun, and gives you time to learn and play your new euro games too!

Nathan Beadle
Better than Chess!

I grew up playing Chess and have enjoyed it but was loosing my love for it.. so was I ever surprised when I found a game that was similar to chess but didn't use a board and could be played anywhere, even in the rain!! Like Chess, the game is easy to teach but difficult to master with each piece having it's own movement ability. Unlike chess there is no set board and the pieces move around (or on top) of each other until a queen bee piece is completely surrounded. The Carbon edition comes with expansions and I really love the professional Black and White look of this game. A great game for anyone that likes strategic no-luck games!!

Brendan Barlow

Without question one of my favourite games ever - beautiful and satisfying components and a very fun strategy game that is (mostly) easy to travel with! Fair warning: My last trip on a plane resulted in the game being taken out of my bag and searched, something about the way it scans or something.

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