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We haven’t played a full game through yet without someone putting engines the wrong way, wrong connectors, even on level I with no timer. It’s fun but it’s definitely taking us awhile to catch on to! Build your ship, collect goods, lose everything? Have fun.

Ben Jackson
My Favorite Game That I'm Not Good At

I'm usually much more thoughtful when making decisions so the real-time building of this game is tough for me to be competitive at but its fun to build the ships and (especially with the expansion cards) it can be great to have some inside info about what the ships are going to encounter so you can build specifically to handle what you're opponents hopefully cannot.

andrew klinger
Excellent overall gameplay

While I advocate for the app, the game is quite nice as well. My daughter and I play it frequently - great for spacial awareness. The hectic starting makes for a fun time, as long as you explain to people gonig in the concept that your ship itself is the goods being transported and the point is to watch in delight as your creation gets balstigated into space dust, then the game goes well. Great setup and teardown time too.

Adam Stewart
Really fun and fast

Fast pace game. But don’t take it to seriously. If you just play for fun it is interesting and funny, but still has strategy.

Kyle harder
A Must Try

One of the easiest games to teach as you can explain what each tile does when it's needed. And it's nerve wracking and fundamentally funny having to watch your friends ship fall apart knowing that it could have been you.

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