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Fleet Commander: 2 – Beyond the Gate

$31.95 CAD

$31.95 CAD

Designer Elwin Charpentier
Didier Dincher
Publisher Capsicum Games
Players 2
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up
Expansion For
Fleet Commander: 1 – Ignition

Fleet Commander: 2 – Beyond the Gate, the first expansion for ''Fleet Commander: 1 – Ignition'', includes:

4 miniatures of the Cruiser, a new type of ship of class 3 with bonus when it uses its shields
3 new special weapons: Interdictor, Vortex Jump and Exo-Bomb
2 new Fields: Gas Cloud and Radar Anomaly
Everything you need to play multi-player games: Jump Gate tokens and Fleet Markers
Rules to use the new items, to build custom fleets and conduct massive battles in multi-player games, and to play two scenarios that use Jump Gates

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