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Exodus (Book)

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$17.95 CAD

…the door at the far end of the walkway opened again, and a Tenma clone dressed in a blue courier jumpsuit and carrying a large package stepped out. Miranda eyed the package. If it was a gift for her, the presentation was inexcusable.
“There’s been a change of plan,” the Tenma said loudly, addressing the other clones. “Ms. Rhapsody is coming with me.”

Take the world's most recognizable celebrity. Add a rogue Tenma clone. Season to taste with black market clones, apsi detective, and mysterious assassins… What have you got? A recipe for Exodus, the Android novella by Lisa Farrell that is coming soon to hardcover and digital formats.

Set in the not-too-distant future described by The Worlds of Android, Exodus follows the story of Ken "Express" Tenma for 112 pages as he races through New Angeles on the back of his Qianju to deliver a stolen package to the Colombian border.

However, this job isn't your standard snatch and deliver. This is high-stakes clone smuggling, and it all starts to fall apart when Express realizes his package is the worlds-famous sensie star Miranda Rhapsody. And she doesn't even know she's a clone.

You might ask yourself, "Isn't it illegal for Jinteki to pass a clone for human?" But you'd want to be careful how far you pursue that question…

Even as Express looks to smuggle Miranda Rhapsody out of New Angeles, others are looking for him. The NAPD wants to question him about the murder of the runner known as Li11ith. And Jinteki can't afford to let Express reveal his discovery; they want to make him—and their problems—disappear forever.

And Miranda? She has to deal with the realiziation that she might not be the woman she thinks she is.

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