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Board Game Truck - The Bulwark (Vanille)

$69.95 CAD

$86.46 CAD$69.95 CAD

Note: The color of this bag is in VANILLE

The Bulwark features a carrying capacity of 2 heavy duty games like Caverna or 3 narrower games like Dixit. The Bulwark comes with a diagonal strap-on that you can wrap it flat on your back while you carry. So the bag won’t be doing rope jumping while you walk, run, bike, climb, dance...yes you get the point. This also means your games won’t be taking hits from bumping, after all, no games deserve a punch (maybe except for those you allowed to be webbed in the attic). It is padded with extra protection, scratch-proof padding on the zipper and reinforced handled much like the Flatbed. 

The Bulwark was created with mobility as the key intent use and is perfect for gamers who like to walk, bike, or use public transportation to a friend's place for a 3-5 hours game session. Or even carry it to office! (play after office hours that is)

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