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Battleground Historical Warfare: Second Punic War 218-201 BC Reinforcements

$27.95 CAD

$27.95 CAD

Two centuries before the birth of Christ, the greatest general of his day led a small army over the Alps and nearly broke the power of Rome.  Now you can recreate Hannibal’s triumphs at Cannae and Trasimene, or reenact his defeat by Scipio Africanus at the battle of Zama.

Roman maniples and Italian allies form an almost unbreakable line, screened by Velites and backed up by Triarii.  Soften the enemy with pila as your disciplined ranks engage and use your Replacement ability to charge again where their line is weakest.  As your units take damage you can restore your fighting strength with the Reinforcements ability until your enemy admits defeat.

But Carthage is far from helpless.  Elephants strike fear into enemy troops and Libyan Foot can match Roman Principes.  Numidian Cavalry are nearly impossible to pin down, while Baleric Slingers harass the enemy from a distance.  Gallic allies will help you break Rome's grip...or, if you prefer, to destroy more fantastical armies.

Battleground: Historical Warfare is fully compatible with its Fantasy sibling.  Whether you choose to recreate the Second Punic War or to see how Rome would fare against an invasion of Orcs or Undead, the Second Punic War set is a must for any serious Battleground player.

Reinforcement Set

Scenario Book with Design Notes

Equites (3)
Italian Cavalry (3)
Veteran Equites (3)
Velites (3)
Extraordinarii (3)
Italian Spearmen (5)
Italian Swordsmen (4)
Cretan Archers (2)
Hastati (5)
Veteran Hastati (5)
Principes (6)
Veteran Principes (5)
Triarii (3)

Libyan Foot (5)
Numidian Cavalry (3)
Balearic Slingers (4)
Gallic Warriors (5)
Spanish Cavalry (4)
Gallic Cavalry (4)
Scutarii (5)
Caetrati (4)
Elephants (3)
Moorish Archers (3)
Carthaginian Spearmen (7)
Hannibal's Elite (3)

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