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Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Dwarves of Runegard (Starter Deck)

$16.95 CAD

$16.95 CAD

The Dwarves of Runegard combines mighty infantry units with the power of magic runes kept sacred over countless generations. Whether veteran Longbeards, units of miners called from the depths of the mountains or legions of Battleaxemen, the forces of Runegard yield to no army.

Many of the Dwarven command cards bring to life an ancient system of rune-based magic, infusing your units with courage while simultaneously strengthening them in combat. In addition, as the general of Runegard you may spend a command action to empower a unit with the rune of Uruz, providing the unit an extra attack die – which lasts until the unit routs or is destroyed.

Starter Deck

Basic Rulebook

Command Cards (30)
Reference Cards (2)
Shortbeards (2)
Dwarven Spearmen (2)
Dwarven Miners (2)
Dwarven Militia (2)
Dwarven Hammermen (1)
Dwarven Crossbowmen (2)
Dwarven Bowmen (2)
Dwarven Battleaxemen (2)
Dwarven Ballista (1)
Dwarven Axemen (2)

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