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A Touch of Evil: Special Edition Game Soundtrack

In Stock

$14.95 CAD

Designer Jason C. Hill
Publisher Flying Frog Productions
Players 2-8
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up
Expansion for A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game

Game description from Flying Frog's website:

"New Special Edition Game Soundtrack for A Touch of Evil features 18 tracks of music created specifically for the game. This includes the entire original soundtrack plus five new songs inspired by the expansions. The CD features new artwork and liner notes from the composer and TWO EXCLUSIVE NEW GAME CARDS only available with the Special Edition Soundtrack."

The two new cards are "Song of the Dead," an Event card, and "Ominous Overture," a Mystery card. Both cards are to be added directly to their respective decks.

Event: Song of the Dead

Card Text: "Play when a Hero is KO'd (including yourself). That Hero does not have to lose any Items, Allies, or Investigation for being KO'd. OR Play when a Town Elder is killed to immediately gain D6 Investigation."

Mystery: Ominous Overture

Card Text: "At the start of each Mystery Phase (including this one), each Hero gains 1 Investigation. Any time a Hero rolls a 1 for movement, they must draw a Mystery Card instead of an Event. REMAINS IN PLAY."

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