XenoShyft Onslaught

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Frédéric Mazerolle
Hard but fair

This is a tower defence that will take you a couple of try to get to the end and a couple more to win. It doesn't look like it but communication and strategy is key to win.

Xenoshyft is not an easy game but it's fair and surprisingly easy to learn!
If your able ton find a copy of it I highly recommend it.

Christian Gagne
Decent deckbuilder

I’m conflicted with this game. As a solo venture it’s pretty fun, probably a 7/10. As a cooperative game, it’s not terrible, there’s just too much downtime between turns. The concept is cool and I’m glad other players can assist, but if there’s no assisting to be done, you have to wait for the current player to clear their lane before it’s the next players turn, sometimes taking up to 5 minutes per player. This can be somewhat solved with simultaneous turns, but that makes it slightly more chaotic.

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