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World at War: Eisenbach Gap (Deluxe Edition)

$49.95 CAD

$49.95 CAD

Designer Jim Snyder
Mark H. Walker
Publisher Lock 'N Load Publishing
Players 1-2
Playtime 90 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

It's the summer of 1985 and Soviet tanks stream into West Germany. Thinly spread NATO forces strive to delay the red hordes until reinforcements arrive, and the world watches anxiously, dreading the nuclear weapons held in each super power's arsenal. Welcome to the dark world of Mark H. Walker's Award Winning World at War series.

A platoon level simulation that stresses command, control, and war's unpredictable nature, World At War is an engaging, tactical action game.

The rules cover self-propelled mortars, thin-skinned vehicles, support weapons, ranged combat, opportunity fire, ATGM depletion, assault and overrun combat. Better still, World at War is not just a game, but also a game system. Learn Eisenbach Gap, and you can play any of the follow-on modules.

Reimplemented by Eisenbach Gap Deluxe which also includes Death of the 1st Panzer.

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