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Caitlin Carrigy
Fun and Unexpected

The thing that first caught my eye about this game was the artwork. The artwork is rich and dark and definitely not for children. The gameplay I found fun, but you definitely need 4+ people to make it more interesting. I was surprised by the "events" which can be almost anything. A staring contest, questions, dice rolls, conditions, etc. The dynamic of flipping the board pieces was fun and different for this style of game. Some of the "bosses" were difficult but if you kept trying you would eventually win. The way all of us (4 people) played didn't happen to include fighting others since we usually found ourselves on different board pieces but I have a feeling with 6 players it would happen more often.I would definitely recommend this game to play with 4-6 players. It doesn't feel like a game you would play over and over but it is definitely fun to play every once and a while.

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