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Terry Ross
Fun 2 player game.

Better than you think it is. The production value is pretty good, but the card thickness is a problem. Every card you draw off the deck feels like you have 2 and you probably do, or you might not.

Micayla Towe
So Much Fun

My partner and I's new favorite card game. So good!

Bruno Baronet
Great 2 Player Wizard Battle game

I Kickstarted this game and I'm very glad I did. Made by 2 Canadians from Ontario, this is a Tableau/Engine builder where you collect different spells that let you Attack, Replenish or help in some way to defeat your opponent. What sets this one apart is the use of Mana cards as a cool down mechanism, some spells might require 3 Mana cards to activate a spell preventing it from being played for 3 turns unless you have a utility spell that enables you to remove those mana card quicker. Lots of strong Combo opportunities. All spells are Unique. Beautiful artwork, the cards are high quality with are very matte finish that make the cards a bit harder to shuffle but feel fantastic.

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