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Big Box, Big Value

Take a cube, perform an action from that location. At first it might be information overload to learn everything. Each location is straight forward, while the icons on the board showing you what it costs and what you can do(for the most part).

Solo is easy to run, the bot is only there to remove cubes from the board and to keep the game moving forward.
You could always play it true solo and have no bot in your way

As an atheist, only reason I go to the religion cult (church) in this game is to gain points, that is all.

To warp up, if you are looking for a relaxing game and not worry about keeping track of a bunch of stats or having a million cards in your hand, this may suit your taste. I never heard of this game until recently before my purchase.
The built in storage is a massive plus! Everything has it's own spot!

I don't have an issue with the art, you shouldn't either if you are new to the game. Those who express a negative view on the updated art should be ignored. It's still the same game, plays the same.

If you read this far, buy the game. You won't be disappointed, it worth the $100 (103.95 @ time of writing - July 25th/23'

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