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Viceroy: Playmat (19x10in)

In Stock

$12.95 CAD

Mayday Games
Expands Viceroy

user summary
The Viceroy Playmat was originally available as an add-on during the Viceroy KS campaign, but can be ordered from the Mayday Games website. It is 19x10", it folds in half to fit in the box and is a neoprene mat with a cloth top.

publisher blurb
Organize your road to victory over Laar with this portable (19 X 10 inch) Viceroy playmat by Mayday Games. This slip-resistant, neoprene mat will ensure your Character Cards, Law Cards, Auction Cards and draw deck will remain in place and organized. This mat even features a Turn Track that will remind you how close you are to Victory... or defeat. It folds in half easily to fit comfortably in the game box.

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