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Sarah Van Maar


Solomon Somers
I wish this was better

I love the design of this game. The clever low roll mechanic is fun, but every time I have brought this out for 4 players, at least two of the players were not very engaged. Maybe that's their fault for only enjoying heavily thematic games, but I do think this game plays slower than it should considering you are only rolling one die per turn (most of the time). Clever design but not super engaging for more casual people, which is a pretty big downside for a very casual game

Amanda Baker
Love It!

Not my favourite game, but certainly relaxing. Most fun for 2 players in my opinion, but still good with 3 or 4. The artwork is gorgeous and the mechanics make the game feel very even, instead of too luck based (every move usually results in someone getting something, not heavily favoured towards one player). Highly recommend!

Christophe Pelletier
Nice twist on the dice rolling mechanic

Nice twist on the dice rolling mechanic, as you need to determine your die's destination before rolling it. Though it can sometimes be a little frustrating. Plus, the artwork is magnificient!

Nathan Beadle
A decent little game with a few shortcomings

Played this game a few times now and have to say, it's a fun little game with a different game play than anything else I've played before with rolling different styles of dice and placing them on various cards. The artwork is really nice and game components well made. Unfortunately after the few plays I've had I've come to realize there isn't a lot of replay-ability so the game starts to feel the same (not a bad thing, just less of the new unknown feeling). The biggest thing for me is that there is a lot going on and the game always seems to end before I feel like I've really been able to dig in and build things up (I'm looking at you stone!). There's a decent amount of luck but still good opportunity to make strategic decisions. A fun little game!

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