Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

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Graham Fish
This game still kicks

Absolutely love this game. Still great after all these years. Paint your gears!

Gary Pressler
Cruel Time

I really expected to like Tzol'kin. Mayan theme, community building, worker placement, and awesome gears! However, I never enjoyed the sort of planning required mixed with trying to guess and second-guess what the other players might do. I enjoy heavy economic games with a lot of interaction (e.g., Indonesia), but this did not compare. It is a clever and beautiful game, but in the end, I did not have any fun playing.

Thomas Chung
Very unique mechanism

One of my favorite game. Make points by pleasing the gods or building monuments. All that needed to be done on a timer.
Components are beautiful and intriguing. Very eye catching with all the gears and colors. A worker placement with a twist ; the placement will change after each round. You need to "invest" you worker to have better actions later. Many different actions to remember but somehow the game is easy to play and grasp. It is fun to plan your move to maximise your actions. Very satisfying when you manage to combo many actions that complements each other. Best pkayed with 4 people. 5 gets a bit too crowded, still enjoyable. Definately get the expansion.

Laith Alwani
The Gears are confusing

thinking long term is the key to victory in Tzolkin as the gears that are carrying your workers move around the options that you have change which makes really hard to plan in this game.
feeding can become a tedious but it still a great game

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