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Designer Vincent Burger
Publisher PixieGames
Players 2-4
Playtime 20-40 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Tunhell is a family card game, epic and fun in which every player is at the head of dwarves' crew and tries to amass more treasures than his opponents. Then recruit, dig at your own risks and fight!

Beardiest player can begin! Play then proceed clockwise around the table, each player taking one turn at a time until the game ends.

On his turn, a player must perform one (and only one) of the 2 following actions:

Play a Dwarf and apply its effect


Recruit a Dwarf

A player can play one (and only one) «Dwarf» card on his turn. There are 4 kinds of Dwarves : Warriors, Diggers, Scouts and Blasters. Each kind has a different color and a different symbol on the top of the card. Each has a particular effect:

A Warrior can fight enemies and make the access to the mine harder for other players.
A Scout is allowed to see the 3 or 5 first cards of a Mine (depending on his Recon Value) without showing opponents...
A Digger can, of course, dig in a Mine and tries to find treasures!
The Blaster makes all the Warriors on a mine run away. All Warriors are discarded.

To recruit a Dwarf, the active player picks a «Dwarf » card available in the «recruitment center» and adds it to his hand. Then he immediately puts a replacement card face-up from the deck to have 5 cards in the row again. A player cannot have more than 6 cards in his hand.

The game ends immediately when 2 of the 3 decks of «Mine» cards are empty. Each player adds the Victory points of the cards of his loot, and the trophies he eventually obtained. The player who has the most is the big winner. Well, big…

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