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Treasure Hunt

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$54.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Plan a route to complete your own secret mission before the other players do. Your explorer needs to travel over roads and sandy plains, through woods and rivers, to arrive at the next coordinate using the most efficient or tactical route. Once arrived, you'll receive a new coordinate or clue where the treasure on that rout can be found. But watch your opponents explorers! They will try to sabotage your activity with fallen tree trunks, damaged bridges, or other obstacles. Given the right action cards and perseverance, you could be the first to accomplish your mission and reach the greatest treasure of all: Victory!

There are several ways to play the game. The following variants are possible:

Basic Game
The basic game is played with 2 to 4 players and 2 explorers per player. Each player can move one explorer on his turn. The die thrown depends on which type of land the explorer is standing on. Changing type of land results in ending the players turn. During each players turn, action cards can be collected by moving to one of his own marked coordinates, Reaching a marked coordinate, a new coordinate and action card is received. The action cards are a collection of information, obstacle and help cards. Ending a route means saving the coordinates and the treasure belonging to the route. These coordinates and the treasures are the key to accomplish your own secret mission first.

Young players
To play the game with young players, the game can be played with only one explorer and without using the hiker. All other rules are the same as in the basic game.

This variant can only be played with 4 players. The 2 players sitting diagonally opposite each other are working together as a team. Both players work on one mission together. Each player will use a set of two explorers. In the team, it's allowed to move each others explorers. It's allowed to discuss the strategy and to give hints to each other during the game.

Game material:
- 4 board segments with a coordinate frame
- 14 mission cards
- 26 treasure cards
- 60 coordinate cards
- 42 actions cards (11 obstacle cards, 11 help cards, 20 information cards)
- 4x2 explorer tokens with 3 accompanying tokens with route symbol
- 28 obstacle and help attributes (8 hikers, 10 fallen tree trunks, 6 damaged bridges, 4 shortcut tokens)
- 20 'single'-tokens and 10 'multi'-tokens
- 4 dice
- rules of the game

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