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Designer Philippe Proux
Players 2
Playtime 5 mins
Suggested Age 6 and up


A game you don’t put away…
Game objective: Have most pieces at the top of the piles.
A strategic game: choose the game piece and where and how to place it, is already a brain-teaser… but to make the good choice between playing or passing the lead, is a true strategic choice!


-A board game with 5 axes of different heights.
-2 series of 12 pieces:
4 parallelepipeds pierced in the 3 axes of its space.
4 cylinders, pierced in the 2 axes of its space.
4 cones pierced in their height.
(One set of pieces of the same colour for each player.)

Aim of the game:

To have the most pieces piled on the top of the axes at the end of the play.


Each player disposes of a set of 12 pieces of the same colour.
Lots are drawn to choose the player who starts.
The first player puts one of his pieces on one of the axes.
Then each player plays at his turn by putting one of his pieces on one of the axes.
When a player puts one of his pieces on an opponent’s piece, he has to play again.
The game is over when one of the players has no more pieces, or when it is not possible to place piece any more.
The player who has most pieces on the top of the axes (piles) is the winner.


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