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Total Rumble

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$16.00 CAD

Designer Óscar Arévalo
Publisher Gen-X Games
Players 2-12
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

The total battle begun and only one of the fighters will get the world champion’s belt. Will you be the winner?
Use your cards to avoid your opponent’s attacks or to launch your own one. Use your special skills, and weapon’s cards, at the right time to emerge victorious and be the last player to be eliminated from Total Rumble. Become the best of the best!!!

In this lively, fast to play game, you become a powerful wrestler with special skills for the fight. Use your cards and objects (like chairs, ladders) to eliminate your opponents running their life’s points out.
Study your strategy and keep your best cards in your hand to respond your opponent’s attack and give them back a stronger attack, until one of the players can’t play any card and take damage from the blow.
The winner is the last wrestler standing, who will receive the World Champion’s Belt that will be able to use in next matches to raise your power.
Prove your abilities against 11 others players and be the best.

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