Too Many Bones

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Patricia Brunet-Young
Birthday Gift

This long sought-after game is a July birthday gift for my son. I know that he will be surprised!

Stephen Sarrazin
Really enjoying this journey

Incredible components. I found it difficult to imagine how nice they really are until I held the chips in my fingers. But the rule book also is a marvel of fine construction. Everything feels built to last 200 years. Really enjoying a slow learning. Almost purely just using the rulebook to learn, too

Gerard Reid
Great Puzzley dice chucker

The combat puzzle for me is where this game shines. The components are some of the best I've seen in games.

Solomon Somers
Has a lot going for it

The game pieces are wonderful, and beyond that, there is a really well designed dice chucker. I find 1 and 2 players to be the best modes. 2 presenting the most challenge. 3 gives you the most mechanical depth and 4 feels a bit too long and also slightly too easy. Obviously this game is too expensive for what it is, but it is really really fun t the same time

Joshua Williams
One of my favorites

Much like Cloudspire, Too Many Bones will require a lot of patience from the players new to this ginormous box. But once the rules finally click, and you aware you will always need the rule book and player aids for reference, you could be faced with a game that’s near perfect. The multiplayer is awesome, and the exceptionally good solo game requires no solo rules to also learn. It plays the same with one player, or four. Price is extravagant, and there are a ton of expansions you will like want to get, but you’re investing in a game that will never let you down or grow tired.

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