Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition)

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Robert Jacobson
Rather Disappointing

This game feels pretty mindless and a lot of your turns may be best spent doing nothing so you can defend a spot, or returning to the middle of the map so you can heal and go find a spot to defend on your next turn. I grabbed the expansion too, which does improve the game a decent amount, but even with the expansion, I’d give it a 6/10 at best. Tiny Epic Dungeons and Zombies are both far superior choices.

There’s a similar game called Mint Cooperative which is cheaper, smaller, shorter, and honestly much more engaging than Defenders.

Holly Bergeron-Dumaine
Accessible, Quick Card Game

An enjoyable cooperative card-driven game, but has much more replay value with the Dark War expansion! Quite simple to teach and very accessible. The small plastic pieces you can attach to your meeples are adorable!

Chris Atkings
A step into Tiny Epic games...

Don't let this simple card, slider game fool you. It can be more difficult than you think! PUT THOSE FIRES OUT or risk losing the capital!
Check it out!

Aaron Cutler
Good game

Easy to pick up, only took 1 play through to understand the mechanics.

Greg Reimer
The 2nd Edition Improved the Game

If you enjoy Pandemic, you will enjoy this game. Tiny Epic Defenders was a great smallbox cooperative fantasy game, that had the 2nd edition released a few years back and it made some major improvements. Components were upgraded to include plastic items that correlated with the item cards and could now be attached the the players meeple allowing you to visually see what your character is holding. The rules were tweeked and the art got a major overhaul that breathed new life into the game. This game clocks in at about 45 minutes, so it is a fast experience, but doesn't overstay it's welcome. It gives a good feel for overcoming waves of monsters, and the boss battles are fantastic and reminiscent of classic video games. This new edition definitely gets 5 stars.

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