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Meromorph Games  |  SKU: MEP220

The Shipwreck Arcana + Expansion

$25.95 CAD
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Designer Kevin Bishop
Publisher Meromorph Games
Players 2-5
Playtime 10-30 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

Trapped in a drowned world, you and your allies are doomed -- or are you? Using the mystical deck of The Shipwreck Arcana and a healthy dose of logic, you can predict each others' fates and escape unscathed. Make haste, though -- there aren't many hours left...

The Shipwreck Arcana is a compact, co-operative game of deduction, evaluation, and logic, combining simple and speedy play with deep strategy. Players take turns playing tokens according to rules found on an ever-changing tableau of arcana cards in order to convey information to the rest of the group before their doom arrives. The players must collectively guess 7 fates before time runs out! A wrong guess or a fading Arcana card will advance the Hours towards dawn.

Create and solve complex deduction puzzles. Players take turns having and deducing information. Communication mechanics encourage participation. The active player can't speak, so no single player can carry the group to victory by themselves. Plays well with any mix of veterans and newcomers. New players have the opportunity to learn and discuss strategy openly with more experienced players. Accommodates drop-in/drop-out play. Gameplay easily supports adding or removing players on the fly, without interrupting the pace of the game. Complex strategy, simple gameplay. During your turn, you draw two tokens and play one. Easy!

Includes 15 expansion cards for extra challenge, right in the box!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Micayla Towe
My New Fav Place

Board Game Bliss is going to be my new go to for buying board games online. Impeccable selection, prompt shipping, and great prices. Thank you!

GH Greer
Beautiful game!

A flexible co-op so people can come in and out of the game if you are playing in a group. Can be a brain burner at times. Also the components are really lovely

Adam Perry
good game

Simple to learn hard to get good at. Math and social deduction.

Chris Thomas
Nice introduction to deductive reasoning.

I recently bought this game and brought it to my board game club at my college. A lot of the members really like it. It's a nice introduction to those who want to get a taste of deductive reasoning, but also offers a slight challenge to those who even know complex maths. The maths in this game is quite simple, nothing that no one shouldn't be able to do, but it does it in a way that limits alpha gaming and also a nice challenge. I've also played this with my wife and we quite enjoy it as a two player game.

Sam Cheung
Math Co-op

Simple, math-based co-op game. Not difficult to learn, but very difficult to win.