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The Play's the Thing

$20.00 CAD

$20.00 CAD

Designer Jennifer Cole
Annie Dean
Lorraine Hopping Egan
Publisher Aristoplay
Players 2-4
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

The Setting - London, England in the year 1603.

The Players - You and your friends, all Elizabethan actors.

The Plot - Dash and duel your way around the Globe Theater board. Watch out for stage mishaps, missed cues, and even the plague while you collect scenes - plot lines, quotations, and characters - from Shakespeare's latest plays.

A Happy Ending - to win, collect and perform the most scenes. No acting necessary, unless you want to!

To Act or Not to Act - Beginners to experts can play together on these four levels.

1. Novice: You know nothing about Shakespeare's plays and just want to have fun. To "perform" a scene, simply lay down matching sets of cards, Rummy-style.
2. Apprentice: You're not familiar with a play, but want to be by the end of the game. To "perform," answer easy questions.
3. Scholar: You know the play, and want to review it or learn more about it. To "perform," answer tougher questions.
4. Actor's Choice: You love to act, but may or may not know the play well. To "perform," memorize and recite lines - with feeling! - one short scene at a time.

What's Inside - 

  • Master Card Set: Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet
  • Globe Theater game board
  • 6 Actor Playing Pieces
  • 1 Die
  • Booklet with rules, background, and a recommended reading list

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